Trio "Mirror Games"

A work in three movements for trumpet, alto saxophone and piano


Composed for the 'Trio Inverso' from Luxemburg


World Premiere - 1.03.2017 - Conservatoire du Nord (Luxemburg)

Dialogues fantasques

Composed for the 15th anniversary of the Ensemble Stravinsky from Metz (France)


World Premiere and live recording - 29.11.2016 - Arsenal Metz (France)


Scores available, please send an email for purchase



A dynamic work for flute, alto flute, bass-clarinet, cello, piano and one gong


À la russe

A work in three movements for cello and piano


I. Valse - II. Nocturne - III. Finale


Premiere : 28 may 2015 in the conservatory of Saarbrücken (Germany) 



A dramatic and powerful piece for two violins, two violas,


two cellos and two double-basses

Extremes 2

The next part of the serie Extremes. This time for clarinet septet. 


A quite meditative piece for flute and harp

Perpetuum Mobile

A very challenging piece for two cellos


A piece written in memory of World War I 


For flute, oboe, bass-clarinet, two timpani, snare drum, glockenspiel, celesta and violoncello

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