Jérôme Kauffmann is a composer, cellist and teacher from Luxembourg. He began his musical journey at the age of eight with cello and elementary music studies at the Conservatory of Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg). In 2012, he finishes his cello studies under the wisdom of his teacher Jean Halsdorf with a superior degree (Diplôme supérieur), awarded with distinction. Along with his cello studies, he took intense lessons of music theory, ear training, analysis, composition, chamber music, conducting, electroacoustics and orchestration. 


As a cellist, he participated in various orchestra projects like the “Orchestre des jeunes de la Grande Région” and the “Orchestre philharmonique de Luxembourg”. In April 2013, Jérôme performed the Concerto N° 1 in E-Flat Major by D. Shostakovitsch with the "Orchestre philharmonique de Luxembourg". Jérôme is prize-winner of the "prix de la musique" discerned by the Rotary Club of Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg.

After taking cello studies with Jeroen Reuling at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, he moved to Saarbrücken (Germany) to study music theory and contemporary composition with Thomas Krämer and Arnulf Herrmann at the Hochschule für Musik Saar. Furthermore, Jérôme took a one-year course at the Schola cantorum in Paris to specialize in orchestration and arrangement. During his studies in Germany, he was a private cello teacher and has been teaching elementary music for three consecutive years at the “Ecole de musique de l’U.G.D.A.” in Luxembourg. 


Jérôme started to write music at the age of sixteen. As a composer, he focuses on contemporary music, film and visual media scoring and electronic, experimental music. His music expands from solo instrument up to symphonic orchestra, from purely acoustic to entire electronic sound worlds. Jérôme is interested in working with synthesis and digital instruments. He explores the nature of a sound to then create atmospheric works. 


In November 2015, collaborating with « RTL Lëtzebuerg » (national TV of Luxembourg) and the « Editions Saint-Paul », he created the full soundtrack for the stories of Lalumi by Luc Marteling (texts) and Paulette Thinnes-Kauffmann (design). 


Over the last years, Jérôme created a substancial collection of original compositions. In April 2016, he sent out his application to one of the most prestigious film scoring courses in the world and was awarded a place in the MA program in Scoring for Film and Visual Media at Pulse College, Dublin, Ireland. During this course, Jérôme learned from famous Hollywood composers and tutors like Christopher Young (Hell Raiser, Spider-Man 3, Exorcism of Emily Rose...), Conrad Pope (Film Composer and orchestrator of the great Harry Potter and Star Wars series by John Williams), Andy Hill (Former Vice President of the Music Production Department at Disney Studios) and recorded his compositions in the acclaimed Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin. The Master’s program at Pulse College also allowed Jérôme to reach professional skills in music technology. For his Master Thesis, he generated a new electronic instrument titled The Terror Cello containing 537 individual digital samples locked in a Kontakt “plug-in” which was then used as a compositional tool to score three individual films.


Living overseas didn’t make it impossible for Jérôme to get his works performed and recorded. In November 2016, the famous french 'Ensemble Stravinsky' from Metz (France) performed Jérômes "Dialogues Fantasques" as a World Premiere in the Arsenal Concert Hall in Metz (France). The composition was an order for their 15th anniversary celebration. In March 2017, the luxembourgish Trio ‘Inverso’ performed his work Mirror Games for trumpet, alto saxophone and piano at the ‘Conservatoire du Nord’ in Luxembourg.


Most recently, Jérôme scored three sequences of the short film Evolved directed by Lazrael Lison from Summer House Pictures in Los Angeles. The short film accompanies the song Evolved by J.Long.


Jérôme was awarded a Master of Arts in Scoring for Film and Visual Media with first class honors. 


Conservatory of Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

Diplôme Supérieur (superior degree) - violoncello, awarded with distinction



Royal Conservatory of Brussels 

Violoncello Studies with Jeroen Reuling



Schola Cantorum of Paris 

Orchestration Studies



Hochschule für Musik Saar 

Music Theory and Contemporary Composition Studies with Thomas Krämer

and Arnulf Herrmann



Pulse College, Dublin, Ireland

(Leaders in Creative Media Education)

Master of Arts in Scoring for Film and Visual Media, awarded with first class honors


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